Eastpoint Capital Becomes a Member of VQF

On December 17, 2013

Eastpoint Capital became a member of Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen (“VQF”).  The VQF is Switzerland’s leading, largest, officially recognised self-regulatory organization, with a focus on firms in the asset management and advisory business.  VQF has a number of roles and objectives, including assisting its members with compliance in connection with the Federal Act of 10 October 1997, to the combating of money laundering and the prevention of the financing of terrorism in the financial sector.

Eastpoint Ventures becomes a Stand-alone Business Unit

May 9, 2013

Eastpoint Ventures while retaining its close relationship with Eastpoint Capital, has become a stand-alone advisory business and its web site is now www.eastpoint-ventures.com. Eastpoint Ventures, led by Bruno Moreau, is focused on the electronic payments sector and related technologies and hardware. Mr. Moreau and Eastpoint remain very excited about the speed of development of this sector and the broad spectrum of applications relevant to these technologies, and Eastpoint Ventures is playing a role both in advising start-up enterprises and also managing funds, and seeking to increase the funds that is manages, that are dedicated to this sector. Please visit Eastpoint Ventures’ website for further information.


On September 1, 2012

Bruno Moreau joined EPC Ventures Limited’s, as a Principal. EPC Ventures is associated with Eastpoint Capital, and as “Eastpoint Ventures” pursues advisory assignments with early-stage technology companies. Bruno will lead an important business initiative under which Eastpoint Ventures intends to advise companies developing innovative products and services addressing the rapidly evolving digital payments and related technologies. Eastpoint Ventures is also in the process of establishing a venture capital fund to invest, alongside clients and other partners, in the same type of companies. While Bruno will be assisted by the other Principals in these endeavors, he will be managing the build-out of this initiative and taking the lead in business development.

Bruno has a 30-year background as an engineer, manager, founder and CEO in companies across a broad range of sectors within this industry, including RFID applications to contactless ticketing, document security, personal identification and digital payment technologies. He has been involved in the financing of a number of start-up entities, the most recent being ASK, a Nice-based RFID products supplier which is the leading supplier of RFID contactless and dual contact / contactless tickets to the European transportation industry and a leading supplier to the global industry. During his tenure as CEO, ASK expanded its markets and production capabilities to China, India, Brazil and the United States.

Eastpoint Ventures expects to have available offering documents in connection with a VC Fund aimed at these same markets. Eastpoint does not plan to register this fund in any jurisdiction. As a result, these documents will be available only to potential purchasers that can establish to Eastpoint Capital that they qualify as exempt or professional investors in their respective jurisdictions. Participation in this Fund will not be marketed to the public in any jurisdiction. Additional information regarding the contents of this announcement may be obtained by contacting us at bruno@eastpoint-ventures.com