Eastpoint Capital

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to assist early-stage companies to address issues that include identifying key players, finding appropriate partners (in Asia for European companies and vice versa), challenging the product road-map, defining adequate business development plans and how best to present themselves to potential investors.

We have particular experience and networks in the electronic transactions fields, particularly in growing markets such as

(i) transport and parking systems,
(ii) ticketing,
(iii) new payments systems,
(iv) dual interface cards for banking and bio-metric systems,
(v) new contactless products for security and ID applications, and
(vi) RFID tag applications.

EPC Ventures Ltd.

Eastpoint and its associates have often provided strategic advice (with or without a funding mandate) through EPC Ventures Ltd, an affiliated entity administered from Hong Kong and doing business as Eastpoint Ventures.

EPC Venture’s banking relationships are located in Asia and for that reason, we have remained it as a stand-alone (but related) legal entity.  There is considerable overlap as to ownership, Board and governance controls between the two entities, Eastpoint Capital and EPC Ventures.

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