Eastpoint Capital

ASK SA Successfully Completes its IPO and Listing on the Paris Stock Exchange

ASK has completed a successful initial public offering 28 months after Eastpoint Ventures acquired a significant stake in the company.  ASK listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext) in an IPO that also raised €21 million.

The transaction and valuation achieved represents an outstanding return for EPV and its fund holders.

ASK is the leading supplier of RFID contactless and dual contact/contactless tickets to the European transportation industry, as well as a leading supplier to the global transportation industry.

ASK is also a world leader in identity solutions such as biometric passports, driving licenses and ID cards.  ASK supplies passports to an increasing number of countries including the United States, France, and Greece.

EPV remains a shareholder of ASK and actively supports the company where we can, particularly with respect to introductions to Asian investors and potential partners / customers.

ASK will use the proceeds from the capital raise to continue to rationalize its manufacturing facilities, increase its research & development programs and lower its cost of working capital funding through an enhanced balance sheet.

 The IPO was led by BryanGarnier, a France-based investment bank specializing in mid-cap technology companies.

For more information on ASK, please visit their site at www.ask-contactless.com

If you would like to receive a copy of an analyst report prepared by BryanGarnier in connection with the IPO please contact us (not available to residents of the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia nor to US Persons).