Eastpoint Capital

Eastpoint Ventures acquires a significant interest in privately-owned ASK SA

Eastpoint Ventures has made its initial VC investment in the digital payments and secured ID industry.  EPV has acquired a greater than 10% interest in ASK SA.  ASK, a French company, is the leading supplier of RFID contactless and dual contact/contactless tickets to the European transportation industry, as well as a leading supplier to the global transportation industry.

ASK is also a world leader in identity solutions such as biometric passports, driving licenses and ID cards.

EPV was able to react quickly to the opportunity to acquire an attractive stake in a technology leader due to Bruno Moreau’s knowledge of ASK gained through prior involvement as a founder, CEO and director.  Bruno will become a board member of the restructured ASK SA.

It is EPVs expectations that ASK will maintain its leadership, through product innovation, in the transport industry, and increase its participation in the secured ID and banking solutions sectors.