Eastpoint Capital

Eastpoint Ventures assisted GMX S.A.S. in a successful €4M capital raising

GMX raised €4M to provide working capital to fund its rapid growth.

GMX is a Paris-based company created in 2006 whose expertise lies in professional mobility, electronic payment, security and e-ID, and in developing innovative products for mobile professionals (http://www.youtransactor.com).

GMX’s YouTransact devices are unique in the market, integrating characteristics and knowledge from the worlds of PDA, payment terminals and smartphones.  Its high-end SK-20 Bio device is a pocket sized finger-print reader.  This range are fully secured devices, making them ideal solutions for Access Control, Identification, Enrolment and Banking operations

GMX’s YouCube product line is a “dongle” solution for merchants who want to accept card payment anywhere, anytime, and who want to offer additional services to their customers. YouCube is MPOS connected through Bluetooth to a mobile device and which can read magnetic strips and chip & pin cards.

GMX’s revenues grew from €1 Mn in 2012 to €4 Mn in 2013 and the company forecasts revenues to double in 2014 to € 8 Mn.