Eastpoint Capital

Financial and Strategic Advice to Emerging Companies

How We Deliver Our Advisory Services

Eastpoint Capital provides financial and strategic advice and manages direct investments.

We are a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in North America, Europe and Asia.

Our corporate advisory business is focused on providing capital markets advice and assistance where clients seek strategic partnerships.

Our clients are from a broad range of industries, but are generally innovation-focused and at an early-stage of development.

Our recent focus has been on companies facilitating or adopting new (sustainable) business models or technologies, ranging from  e-commerce, payment, logistics and ID platforms to what can be broadly described as electrification.

Overview of Services Offered

Corporate Finance Advisory

We provide financial advice, usually for innovative companies that are early in their business development. With offices in Paris, Zug and Hong Kong, we are often exploring complementarities between European and Asian markets.

Industry Consulting

We assist early-stage companies in addressing strategic issues that include identifying and developing relationships with partners (or strategic investors) in other regions.

Investment Advice

Eastpoint Capital undertakes direct investments on behalf of our partners (and occasionally on behalf of outside clients), primarily in early-stage public and private companies.


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